New Default Theme "Perfect Studio" Included

Built for Content Managers and Developers

PageStudio CMS helps you get things done, without a steep learning curve!

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Easy to learn and to build with, providing many levels of content flexibility

Out of the box, PageStudio CMS comes with the Content module enabled which allows for the creation an unlimitted number of content types. No longer are you bound to two content types; post, and pages.

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Most of the tools you need right out of the box, if not, you can easily build your own

Chances are that all the tools you need to build a great website are already provided in the statard install. If you need more, developing additional modules, and plugins is straigforward and simple. PageStudio CMS is build on the CodeIgniter framework and makes use of the HMVC architechture. Already familiar with those, then you are on your developing great plugins. If you have developed plugins for PyroCMS in the past then you are ahead of the pack and are ready to begin!

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