Development Road Map

Grid Fields Content Type

Estimated Completion Date: May 2016

As of 4/22/2016 This field type is in an experimental phase. Not yet ready for alpha release.

Provides the ability to dynamically add / delete and sort rows of data similar to a spreadsheet. Each data row can have one or more cells which are assigned to different custom fields.

Installadble Module System

Makes modules installable via an interface.

Global Theme Content Fields

Estimated Completion Date: Unknown

Status: In Development

Adds the ability for administrators to define and add content fields specifically for the theme. This content can then be referenced by global theme variable tags.

Content Drafts For Entries

Estimated Completion Date: Unknown

Adds the ability to create, edit, delete, and view drafts of content for entries that already have content in production. Once a draft has been completed it can then be pushed to production replacing the old content.

Revision Out of Date Check

Estimated Completion Date: Unknown

When saving an entry (especially inline editing) it should check the current revision loaded to make sure that there hasn’t been a more recent revision saved. If the revision is out of date it should warn the user and have them confirm to overwrite the newer revision.

Entry Comments

Estimated Completion Date: Unknown

Adds the ability to enable comments on entries. This will be mainly for blog purposes.