Plugins are the simplest type of add-on in PageStudio, but they are at the core of how you access functionality via tags.

For an example, let’s take the user plugin, which is a part of the user module.


Modules can have a plugin as a part of the module, see the module overview for more info on that.

Each plugin has a name (or slug) by which we reference it in the tags. For example, if we wanted to get the username of the current user, we would use:

{{ user:username }}

We can also specify a user id and get the username of a specific user:

{{ user:username user_id="5" }}

Whenever you are using tags in PageStudio, you are interfacing with a plugin.

Template Tag Logic

To get a full idea of what tags can do, make sure you read over the PageStudio tag system documentation.

Installing Plugins

Plugins have no installation procedure. Just upload them to application/plugins/ and use the tag in your template layouts/partials!